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As a law firm of barristers and solicitors, our difference is that we thoroughly understand what you can expect by going to court or not going to court. We are able to assist from evidence preparation tasks such as discovery, drafting affidavits, statutory declarations, to representing clients in the courtroom if the matter is not settled.


We are proud to say we are a client-focused law firm that is committed to achieving the best results for our clients, in a reasonable time, at a reasonable cost, and in a "old-fashioned" professional manner.


Having over 45 years of litigation practice experience in the Commonwealth jurisdictions (Singapore and Australia) allows us to carefully plan, prepare and manage our client's matters effectively.


We believe that everyone should  be properly advised as to whether it is appropriate to settle a matter (before or during the litigation process) or continue through the court system to reach a desired outcome.

A few frequently asked questions that we have addressed for our clients include:

  • Do we have a claim or counterclaim?

  • What are the prospects of success?

  • What compensation can we expect to get if we are successful?

  • What are the costs if we are successful or unsuccessful?

  • Which jurisdiction or court should we commence proceedings?

  • How long will the matter take from commencement to completion?

  • Do we have a right to appeal a decision handed down by the court?




Postponing court deadlines

It is often the case that clients bring in court documents to our office with a deadline for response only days away. In such circumstances, we are able to assist by applying to the relevant court for additional time.


Protecting your claim through court orders

In many civil law cases we have dealt with, clients are most concerned that assets the other party owns will be liquidated and their bank accounts emptied. As experienced litigators would know, in such instances it may be necessary to apply to the court for urgent orders such as a Mareva injunction.


Help with understanding legal documents

Clients are always concerned that they do not understand the formal and technical language of legal documents referred to as "legalese". Our role as lawyers is to inform clients in a way that they can understand. For example, this could be the simple task of sitting down with a client and explaining what a particular document means and how it affects them.

Appealing a court or tribunal decision

When things do not go your way, we can advise you whether there are any chances of success on appeal and if there is a chance, to help you file an appeal through the correct channels.

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