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In this beautiful and magnificent country, Australia, we are innocent until proven guilty. This means that it is the task of the prosecutor to provide reasons/ evidence why you should be found guilty.

The role of criminal lawyers or criminal litigators is to ensure that the accused (person who the Police and/or other authorities believe committed the crime) is to do, not limited to the following:

  • Ensure the accused gets a fair trial;

  • Forensically study all evidence presented by the Prosecution (the State or the Commonwealth lawyer) and provide reasons why the Court should not accept certain, if not all, the evidence;

  • Provide the Court with reasons why the accused is innocent;

  • If possible, tell the Court that the Prosecution has not proven the accused is guilty "beyond reasonable doubt"

A few frequently asked questions that we have addressed for our clients include:

  • How is a criminal trial conducted in the Magistrate's Court or Supreme Court or Federal Court?

  • What are my chances of being found not guilty or being acquitted?

  • Can I be compensated for being wrongly prosecuted or upon winning my case?

  • What are the costs associated with defending the alleged offences/ crimes?

  • Will I be able to serve my time by doing community service rather than being put in jail?

  • Should I plead guilty or not guilty?

  • Is there a benefit of pleading guilty?

  • Can I ask the Judge to go easy on sentencing me because I never committed an offence before?

  • How do I know whether the evidence presented by the Prosecution is good or bad for my case, even though I believe I did not do the offences/crimes as alleged?

  • The Police found my DNA at the scene of the crime and are now pressing charges, what do I do?



Explaining to you the chances of success 

We all want to know whether we will be found guilty or be acquitted. Sadly, it is not as simple as punching in numbers into the calculator and within a few clicks, you get a result. In saying that, sometimes, it is possible that you can gauge the chances of success quite accurately by looking at the evidence the prosecution has presented or has not presented.


Telling your story

As lawyers, we are legally trained to explain your story in a certain way that presents a clear picture to the Jury (if there is one) and the Judge.


Fighting for you

When no one else believes you are innocent, we do. When you did it, but feel that you should not get such a harsh sentence, we fight for a lighter sentence.

Help with understanding legal documents

Clients are always concerned that they do not understand the formal and technical language of legal documents referred to as "legalese". Our role as lawyers is to inform you in a way that you can understand.

Appealing a court decision

When things do not go your way, we can advise you whether there are any chances of success on appeal and if there is a chance, to help you file an appeal through the correct channels.

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