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The journey we take in life does not always work out the way that we had hoped. Having someone to assist you through one of life's most difficult moments can be quite important. You might be considering whether to seek the help of a counsellor for comfort or a lawyer to facilitate a unproblematic and smooth transition.


For most people that have never been separated or divorced, it is a wise decision to seek the help of a lawyer, as such an extreme life event can be very overwhelming and extremely stressful to most individuals.


It is essential that you select the right lawyer that can mentor and guide you through the separation legal processes that are necessary and important.


In relation to separations and divorce, we always start with the following:

  • Have you separated from your unmarried/ 'de-facto' partner or spouse?

  • Are there any children involved?

  • Is there any chance that both of you might get back together or reconcile?

  • Has there been any violence in the relationship?

  • Are both sides open to communication?

  • What do you want out of this separation?

  • What does the other side want out of this separation?



  • We can assist you by preparing various applications such as :

    • Consent orders

    • Divorce orders

    • Parenting orders

    • Spousal maintenance orders

    • Family violence orders


  • We are able to assist by drafting various documents such as:

    • Prenuptial agreements (before marriage)

    • Financial agreements (during marriage)

    • Financial agreements (after separation)

    • Financial agreements (post divorce)

    • Financial agreements (post de facto)

    • Affidavits and other supporting documents


  • We are able to assist you through pre-court mediation and court-ordered mediation.


  • In circumstances where both sides are unable to work together and arrive at a mutual decision, we are able to assist you in the courtroom as your barristers and solicitors.

Call Mr. Jay M Singh on (08)63890270 for a confidential discussion and an idea of how we can help you with your family law matter.