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Bachoo Mohan Singh

LL.B. University of Singapore (Hons) (1972)

Advocate and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore (1973)

Barrister and Solicitor, Australia (2004)

With over 45 years of legal experience as a barrister and solicitor (Australia) advocate and solicitor (Singapore), Mr Singh has expertise in many areas of law in Singapore and Australia. He has handled complex cases in all areas of disputes resolution, including civil litigation, criminal defence and arbitration.

An expert litigator, Mr Singh approaches every client he undertakes with real solutions and the results are evidence of his legal expertise. Mr Singh has invaluable knowledge of the legal system which is highly regarded by the clients he has undertaken. Mr Singh has appeared in over 30 High Court cases in Singapore. He has further appeared in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, Federal Court of Australia, Wardens Court of Australia, and the Privy Council UK.

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