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Wills Preparation & Estate Planning

We can advise you on complex estate planning legal matters and assist you with both complex and  simple wills. Have peace of mind, knowing your estate will be carried out pursuant to your wishes.

Simple Wills Preparation Costs

We offer wills preparation fixed priced packages which is exclusive of GST. They are intended for individuals or couples who want a simple will prepared. You will need to either visit our office in person or meet us online via ZOOM. 


Mobile wills preparation service is available in the Perth Metropolitan Area, see below.


From $500

A simple will for individuals.

This wills preparation package suits an individual who has no spouse and has limited assets. 


From $800

A simple mirror will for couples.

This wills preparation package is suited for couples with limited assets and no children.

Power of Attorney

From $300

Preparation of Enduring Guardianship or Enduring Power of Attorney. Typically only relevant for elderly individuals and couples, or persons who have progressive illnesses such as deteriorating mental capacity.


Price quoted above is per person and is exclusive of GST.

Preparation of Complex Wills

Factors to Consider

  • Setting up a trust

  • Mental incapacity

  • Specific gifts

  • Excluding individuals from deceased estate

  • Specifics surrounding distribution, executors roles, beneficiaries and other complexities

Our Legal Services

We carefully listen to your instructions to ensure that we understand the exact way you would like your estate to be distributed.

Costs of Complex Will Preparation

We will provide you an estimate as to the number of hours we expect to take in drafting your Will. We most likely will agree to a fixed fee to ensure affordability.

International Wills

We are able to advise on wills and estate planning in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. (Please note for Malaysia matters, our Singapore Office will need to be involved).

Mobile Will Preparation Service Perth Metropolitan Area

If you are too unwell to visit our office, we are able to come to you to prepare your will. We require payment by credit card/ visa debit, prior to travelling to you.

Travel Costs/ Time Costs

  • Perth Metropolitan Area or 30km in either direction from Perth City

  • Travel costs to be advised upon enquiry.

Have your will prepared today by our lawyers. Our simple wills are simply affordable. Have peace of mind. Send us a message.

Our Wills Preparation

Tailor-made Wills For You

We take a personalised approach to ensuring your Will is drafted to your specific wishes. We communicate with you through a formal interview process and walk you through what we need from you, to ensure your Will is as you intended.

Experienced Lawyers

Our lawyers are experienced and fully qualified to prepare your Will. We have advised on both domestic and international estate matters spanning over Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia with estate assets scattered around the world.

Our Difference

As litigation lawyers, we understand the consequences of a badly drafted will. Let us safeguard your estate and ensure your wishes are secure.

Our Diverse Background

As a multicultural law firm, we understand your wishes may be culturally sensitive and/or secretive. We are also able to communicate with you in English, Chinese Mandarin or Chinese Shanghainese. 

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