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the process of taking legal action.

Litigation & Dispute resolution

Representing clients in a variety of legal court cases small to large, throughout Western Australia and Singapore. Our firm has represented various clients ranging from individuals and small business owners, to that corporate brand that we all know about.

In Australia, we have commenced/defended claims on behalf of our clients, at the following courts:

  • Federal Court of Australia

  • Supreme Court of Western Australia

  • District Court of Western Australia

  • Magistrates Court of Australia

  • Family Court of Western Australia

  • Wardens Court

  • Children’s Court

Our capacity

When you hire us as your litigation lawyer, you get:

Our relentless persistence, determination and resolve

Our passion for advocacy and litigation practise

Our firm’s many years of experience in litigation and court work

Our paramount desire to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients

We approach litigation with the simplicity it deserves. We tell it straight. No hidden surprises along the way. We believe that if you chose litigation/court as a pathway to resolution of a legal matter, you deserve to be transparently told the “ugly truth” without the “sugar coating”. We get that this is not often the most popular approach, but time after time, our clients tell us they prefer it. 

Our clear and transparent approach

List of legal matters we have done

A medical general practitioner (“GP”) practises generally in the field of medicine. Alike a GP, we are known to represent clients in a wide range of legal matters spanning from common disputes, sibling rivalries, to large damages/money claims. 

Specialised areas of litigation that we prefer not doing

We leave certain areas of legal practise to the specialists. Alike the practise of medicine, sometimes it is better that you go see a specialist. We generally do not take on matters involving practise in the following areas:

  • Medical negligence and/or related claims

  • Personal injury and/or related claims

  • Workers compensation and/or related claims

  • Criminal victim’s compensation

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