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As a general law practice with a focus on litigation, we can assist with all legal disputes, and many other areas of law.

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There are many areas of law we can help you with, such as the 18 we have identified. This is not a complete list.

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Formally known as Bachoo Mohan Singh barrister and solicitor, our law firm has the advantage of having over 50 years of legal expertise combined. Our founding lawyer Mr. Bachoo Mohan Singh has represented many high-profile clients, companies and other entities, with many reported Supreme Court case decisions. Our cases over the years have been regularly featured in The Straits Times Singapore and other publications. We are a law firm that deals with legal matters across Singapore, Australia and Malaysia.



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1 North Bridge Road, #14-03, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094.

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We are able to assist you with many types of legal matters such as civil litigation, family law, estates & trusts, and criminal litigation.

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