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Helping you with criminal charges in Perth

Perth Criminal Lawyer

  • We can assist you with many types of criminal matters.

  • We do not do cases involving: rape, murder, animal cruelty, domestic violence 

  • Perth Criminal lawyers who fight for you 24/7

Have you been charged in Western Australia? Book a free 15mins initial consultation today.

Perth criminal lawyers

We help clients like you who have been accused of committing a crime in Western Australia. Book your free 15mins initial consultation. Usual rates apply after 15mins.

Always on your side

We do not want to know whether you did the crime. Let us do our job and fight for you the best way we know. We know there is always two sides to the story.

Affordable legal services

We ensure that our legal costs are competitive. We always provide upfront estimates of our costs and ensure that clients know what they need to pay us before we do the work. 

Talk to a Perth Criminal Lawyer today. We can tell you if you should fight your criminal charges.

Free 15min initial consultation

Try our Online Live Chat 

(08) 6389 0270

Weekends appointments available.

Suite 10, 88 Broadway, Nedlands 6009 WA

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