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As litigation lawyers in Perth, we are involved in a range of legal matters in-court and out-of-court. If you require a Perth Litigation Lawyer, you have come to the right place. Having helped Perth locals for 20 Years from our Nedlands office, our clients trust our legal advice and trust that we do it right by you. Call now and speak to our friendly team to see how we can help with your litigation matter in Perth.

Will a Perth Litigation Lawyer insist I go to Court and not try to settle my case?

Perth Litigation Lawyers will normally advise the best course of action to take for their client's legal matter. Litigation lawyers in Perth in general will always attempt to settle a legal dispute or legal matter before taking the matter to court. Ask us more about your legal matter. Contact us today.

What are the benefits of using a Perth Litigation Lawyer for my legal matter?

Perth Litigation Lawyers generally have a breadth of legal knowledge and legal expertise in many areas of law. By consulting with lawyers in Perth who practise in general litigation, you obtain the benefit of being better advised. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Do I need a Perth Litigation Lawyer for my legal matter?

It is not always necessary to get a Perth Litigation Lawyer involved in a legal matter. If you want a lawyer who understands the court process, or basically has adequate experience with handling disputes or potential disputes, it is then probably in your interest to go see a Perth Litigation Lawyer. Contact us today if you anticipate problems occurring.

What do Perth Litigation Lawyers charge?

All lawyers in Perth Western Australia are allowed to decide whether they charge accordingly to hourly rates or agreed or fixed fee arrangements. At BMS LAW, we adopt both billing practises. Contact us today to discuss our legal fees.

What does a Perth Litigation Lawyer do exactly?

Litigation Lawyers in Perth can generally assist you with many types of legal disputes, providing you with general legal advice or specific legal advice to a wide range of legal matters.


The term "litigation" is very broad and encompasses both in-court legal disputes and out-of-court legal disputes. In very simple terms, a Perth Litigation Lawyer's role is to assist a client by providing legal advice and preparing the relevant court documents to take their matter to a court of law. This could mean suing someone for a type of money claim or perhaps asking the court to determine terms of a contract. The converse situation would be responding to being sued, which is also what Perth Litigation Lawyers fundamentally do on behalf of their client.

Perth Lawyers who practise in the field of general litigation (also known as litigation lawyers) are most likely the type of lawyer you would want to speak to if you do not know what area of law or area of legal practise your legal dispute and legal claim relates to.

Perth Litigation Lawyers are arguably a fundamental or mainstream type of lawyer in the Perth legal industry and around Australia. 

Get in touch today with a Perth Litigation Lawyer at BMS LAW.

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