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Perth migration advice on permanent resident visas?

If you are considering migrating to Australia permanently, you would be interested in knowing all the pathways available to you so that you can obtain an Australian permanent residency visa.

In Australia, there are many types of Australian permanent residency visas and therefore many options available to visitors to Australia who are looking to obtain permanent resident status. It can be very overwhelming and frustrating, and we get that.

For an individual who wants to obtain an Australian permanent resident visa, it is generally a two-stage process for the applicant. It may be simple for some, but this generally requires many hours collecting various original copies of documents, scanning and uploading these documents to the Department of Home Affairs online portal.

The first stage is a temporary visa where the applicant must reside in Australia for a period of time (normally a number of years) before they are invited to apply for the second stage which is the permanent visa. An example of this pathway is the partner visa subclass 820 and 801.

It can be difficult to apply for an Australian permanent resident visa without assistance from an Australian immigration lawyer.

Getting immigration advice from a Perth immigration lawyer is the smart choice and gives you a better chance of completing your permanent resident visa without any complications. Call us today and get going on the correct pathway to Australian permanent resident status (08) 6389 0270 or email

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