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How much does a lawyer charge in Perth?

Lawyers in Perth normally charge either hourly or by a fixed fee (also known as an agreed fee). Some lawyers in Perth charge only if they provide a successful outcome, this is common with Perth lawyers who provide legal services in relation to workers compensation claims or personal injury claims.

Generally, Perth lawyers are allowed to set their own hourly rate (subject to some exceptions) or come to an agreed fixed fee with a potential client.

If a client requests a fixed fee or it is offered by a Perth lawyer, this is generally provided in Stages. Perth lawyers’ who provide fixed fee offers, will generally explain what this fixed fee is inclusive of, and set what is known as “stages”. When additional work is undertaken past this agreed point, such additional work is generally billable in addition to the fixed fee.

It is common that when a Perth lawyer explains to a potential client his charges, he will do so by referring to what is known as his “rate of charge” or “out-of-pocket expenses or disbursements”. A Perth lawyer’s Rate of Charge is his generally his hourly billable rate. This may or may not include GST. Note: It is advisable to ask if a Perth lawyer’s rate is inclusive or exclusive GST.

The Out-of-Pocket expenses or Disbursements that a Perth lawyer may charge a client will be variable and, on a case-by-case basis. Some examples of these expenses may include things such as printing and photo-copying costs, court filing and court hearing fees, and travel related costs such as parking. Note: 'disbursements' is a broad term but generally means any associated expenses with a client’s legal matter reasonably incurred by a Perth lawyer.

In conclusion, when seeking out a lawyer in Perth, it is advisable to discuss all costs associated with any potential or pre-existing legal matter. A Perth lawyer is under a duty to disclose to potential clients the way in which he charges for providing legal services and this is always inclusive of any associated costs. Note: 'costs' are as those described above.

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