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Thinking of suing someone?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

If you are in a situation where you are considering suing someone, these are a few things that you should keep in mind and may be helpful in your particular circumstances.

Self-represented litigant

It is possible to bring a lawsuit to a court in Perth without the assistance of a lawyer. As a self-represented litigant suing someone in court, you would be treated by the court differently than if you were represented by a lawyer and that lawyer was your spokesperson in court. These are for obvious reasons.

lt is important to note however, that some legal matters are more difficult and would require the assistance from a litigation lawyer. It is best to at least get an initial consultation with a lawyer in Perth prior to suing someone and before you commence legal proceedings, just so that you understand the basics or fundamental aspects of the court system.

The result you want to achieve from suing someone in court

It is important to set your expectations straight before you decide to sue someone or commence legal proceedings. You would not go into stormy weather without the appropriate rain gear. So if you decided to pursue action against someone, you best consider where you would want to be at the end of the legal proceedings. Sometimes it is just not feasible to pursue legal action due to numerous factors. Seeing a litigation lawyer in Perth about results that may be obtainable from suing someone may just be the correct decision before taking any first steps.

Your chances of success

If you are self-represented, it is unlikely that you have considered the negative aspects of your case and likely have only considered the merits (or chances of success). These aspects of your case, often overlooked by self-represented litigants are the pitfalls of most cases where no legal representation has been appointed.

Imagine a court case where you are fighting someone who keeps giving you preliminary hurdles to overcome, before the real issues of your case are even determined by the court. If you are not prepared to overcome these initial or preliminary stages to the legal proceedings (or do not know how to overcome these), it is unlikely you would be successful in obtaining a favourable result. Having a lawyer to represent you such circumstances could increase your chances of success.

What is your budget for the lawsuit

Everyone knows that fighting a case in court comes at a great expense to your livelihood and your personal wealth. It is very important to know how much the court case will cost you. It may be wise to consult with a Perth lawyer before you proceed with filing court papers in a court.

Final thoughts

Our lawyers at BMS LAW are able to advise you on these above considerations with many other concerns you may have, all answered in a professional and organised manner.

Should you wish to obtain legal advice in relation to a potential legal dispute or a current lawsuit in progress, please call (08)63890270 or email associate lawyer, Jay Mohan Singh at

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