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Perth legal advice for beneficiaries of deceased estate, situations to note.

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

If you are named as a beneficiary in a deceased's will, you probably do not know what you need to do and/or whether there are any things you need to do. If you find yourself pondering these two issues, it is probably best that you continue reading this blog post.

As you probably are aware, being a beneficiary of a deceased's estate is generally associated with good things. For example, inheriting a sum of money or inheriting some physical item such as a prized guitar.

Knowing the positive aspects of being a beneficiary is all well and good, however, do you know what to do if there are complications?

These are several unsettling situations which from time to time, beneficiaries to a Western Australia deceased estate, find themselves in:

  • I am a beneficiary but I did not receive my entitlements pursuant to the will.

  • I am a beneficiary but I only received a portion of my entitlements pursuant to the will.

  • I am a beneficiary but the executor has unfairly imposed conditions upon my entitlements.

  • I am a beneficiary but I do not know anything about the deceased's estate.

  • I am a beneficiary and the executor is being uncooperative and/or not providing me clear answers to my questions.

  • The winding up or administration of the deceased estate by the executor is just taking too long.

If you can relate to the above situations, hopefully you managed to sort it out. If not, it is not a good idea to sit and do nothing.

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