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Looking for a lawyer in Perth

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

There are various ways in which you can find a lawyer in Perth. In the past, lawyers commonly are found advertising in the local newspaper or phone books. In today’s modern age, lawyers are forced to adapt their marketing strategies to digital platforms and most technology savvy lawyers will feature in a number of online directory platforms. This blog post aims to inform you of the numerous ways in which you may be able to find a lawyer in Perth.

Law Society of Western Australia

The Western Australia Law Society's website provides a list of member law firms that can be filtered accordingly to location, area of practise and even language. It is a great place to start when looking for a lawyer. Note: not all lawyers are part of the law society, it is an optional membership.



This is a website which allows you to tailor your search for a lawyer. The website allows for you to enter specifics related to your legal matter. You essentially create a "job" and a law firm provides you a quote or expresses interest in your legal matter.


Australian Lawyers Directory


General Searches on Search Engine websites:

It is arguable to say that when people look for a lawyer, the first thing they would do is to do a search. Although these searches would produce a list of lawyers to choose from, these results would require time and effort to filter through in order to find the right lawyer for the job. If you do choose this method to find a lawyer, it is recommended that you:

  • review the law firm's website;

  • review the firm's practise areas to see if your legal matter is one which is something the firm can handle;

  • consider costs involved if you hire these lawyers: if it is a big law firm, the legal fees could be higher than a smaller firm's fees; and

  • consider the individual lawyers and whether they are suitable for the job.

Word of mouth

Another way in which people may find a lawyer would be by asking their friends and family members. There are many lawyers in society which arguably means that it is likely that someone you know may know of a lawyer.

Although this is generally a great starting point for individuals looking for a lawyer for their legal matter, it is still recommended to do your own checks of that lawyer or law firm. Just because a friend or family member recommended a lawyer, does not mean that you should abandon simple vetting things/tasks like those described above.

Social Media

Quite a number of law firms in Perth will have set up various social media accounts such as:

  • Facebook;

  • Instagram; and

  • Twitter

If you have come across a law firm's presence on social media, it is advisable that you also review the firm's website. Generally, the information provided on social media just provides a quick overview or summary of the law firm or their legal services. It is recommended to also go to the law firm's website for obvious reasons.

Important things to consider

  • Always ask if the first consultation is free or if there is a fee payable

  • Lawyers generally are friendly, do not be fearful

  • If you do not ask, you do not know

  • Lawyers generally either bill per 6 min intervals and provide an hourly rate

  • Not all lawyers offer a fixed fee, discuss with individual law firms

  • Make sure you find the right lawyer for the job

Final considerations

BMS LAW is a Perth law firm with a focus on general litigation legal matters. Our Perth lawyers can assist you with various types of legal disputes. We strive to be an affordable legal service provider and serve the Perth local community from our Nedlands office for 20 years. Find us at Suite 10, 88 Broadway, Nedlands. Call us on (08)63890270 or email, associate Mr Jay Mohan Singh at jay@bmslaw.com.au

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