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Need dividing fence legal advice in Perth, Western Australia?

As a Perth residential homeowner, if you find yourself in the situation where a fence dividing your property with your adjoining neighbour's property is blown down or damaged (for whatever reason), a situation can arise where your neighbour argues that you should pay the entire costs of repair or replacement of the dividing fence.

What to do if you have a dividing fence legal dispute with your neighbour in Perth, Western Australia?

Did you know that there are strict laws in place in Western Australia on the area of dividing fences? Probably not and that's understandable.

Before you speak to a Perth lawyer about your dividing fence legal dispute in Perth, Western Australia, we recommend that you visit The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website (link below) which provides a starting point and an overview of legal issues surrounding dividing fences in Western Australia and what generally should ideally occur to achieve a resolution.

If you need legal advice because your neighbour is not willing to come to agreeable terms with you on your dividing fence legal issue, speak to a Perth lawyer at BMS LAW who can assist you with your dividing fence legal dispute. Call us today (08)63890270 or email us Alternatively send us a quick message via LiveChat.

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