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Life ban on driving in Perth legal advice

If you have been banned from driving for life in Western Australia, it could be possible to have this ban lifted.

There are various reasons why it may be appropriate that a life ban on driving in Western Australia be removed.

The obvious reason (and required condition) is that the prescribed time has elapsed allowing the banned individual to apply to the relevant Court in Western Australia to have a judge remove the life ban.

There are additional factors which will need to be proven in court. Ask us what they are.

Our experience

We have helped a client who was banned for life from driving in Western Australia. The circumstances were against lifting the ban. Our client was grateful the District Court Judge agreed with our Mr. Jay Mohan Singh that our client was reformed and could again have the right to hold a drivers licence in Western Australia.

Call us today for if you have been banned from driving for life in Western Australia and would like your licence back.

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