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Wills Lawyer Perth

Perth Wills Lawyers at BMS LAW can assist you with drafting your Will according to your express instructions. If you are in Perth and you are reading this, you are already ahead of many individuals who never took the time to get a Will done and/or understand why it is important to have one drafted up. You should congratulate yourself! In this blog post we will briefly explore why you should see a Perth Wills Lawyer at BMS LAW to have your Will drafted up.

In Perth, Western Australia, most laypersons (e.g. non-lawyers) would think that when they die, their money, assets and personal belongings automatically transfers over to their next of kin. In a perfect world yes, in reality and especially under the laws of Western Australia, there are exceptions to this general understanding. For this simple reason, at BMS LAW we strongly recommend to all our clients that having a Will in place is absolutely important and necessary.

Why should you have a Perth Lawyer draft your Will?

It is simple to say that the general rule known by most is that a lawyer crafted Will is better than a self-prepared Will. Although we would be inclined to agree with that general rule, it is not always the case. We recognise that there are always exceptions to the general rule.

Think about these two questions:

  • Would you want to risk your deceased estate (e.g. your assets and belongings) falling into the hands of someone you never intended on giving anything to?

  • Would you want a long dragged on fight in court by relatives and friends and others (e.g.ex-spouses etc) over your deceased estate?

Almost always the answer to the above simple questions would be a firm "no". In arriving at this point, hopefully you see that having a Will in place will hopefully address the two questions above and provide you peace of mind.

Average costs of a lawyer drafted Will in Perth, Western Australia

The most frequent question asked by persons who have never had a Will drafted by a Perth Wills Lawyer would be: "how much do lawyers charge for a will?"

Typically, Perth Wills Lawyers draft a Will on a fixed fee basis. This is because the scope of work and the required time by a lawyer who is tasked in preparing your Will can generally be identifiable from just by answering a few questions over the phone.

It is important to note though, that prices for Wills crafted by a Perth Wills Lawyer is different for every Perth law firm and Perth Wills Lawyer, and can depend on the following factors:

  • The size of the Perth law firm

  • The experience of the Perth Wills Lawyer

  • Where the Perth law firm is located

  • The language required to take instructions to draft your Will

  • If an interpreter is required

  • Whether any travel is required (e.g. to take instructions)

NOTE: The above is not a complete list and should be just read to get the idea that prices for Wills in Perth drafted by a Perth Wills Lawyer can fluctuate.

Why choose BMS LAW to draft your Will in Perth, Western Australia

Our Perth Wills Lawyers at BMS LAW take Will drafting very seriously. Our goal is to ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that we assisted you with crafting a Will that takes into account all your express instructions. For this reason, we do not claim to be the best Wills Lawyers in Perth, but we do try to be the most caring and understanding Perth Wills Lawyers. We take the extra time to ensure we get it right. Our clients last wishes matters to us.

Do you have a Wills question?

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